The Best Android Apps to Get This Year

WPS Office

You know how it goes: You get a new Android phone, register it, and spend a significant amount of time thinking about which apps to get on the phone. The struggle could be very real that you decide to leave your phone empty of any apps just because you cannot make up your mind. All apps you come by are claimed to be the best in their respective categories and that leaves you wondering if their apps are as good as they claimed them to be. A simple guide is what you need to load not only the best but also the most essential Android apps on your phone.

On the side of productivity improvement, WPS Office + PDF could very well be the most recommended. It is a free Office Suite that comes with all-in-one features. It can be used with files from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and it can even handle PDF, Google docs, memo, spreadsheets, and presentations. You can also convert, reader, and edit PDF files and supports file sharing. Get your latest news on the phone through Google News. It works with AI technologies and delivers news from all over the world, categorized in different tabs.

ES File Explorer is a powerful and all-popular Android file manage app that comes with essential features. You can use its Space Analyzer tool to free up some space and you can even share files with fellow ES File Explorer users through Wi-Fi connection. Google Drive is a recommended cloud storage app that offers free space to keep files and data. Files and folders can be stored in the Drive and can print, rename, download, move, or share files directly from the app. The exciting point of Google Drive is that it comes integrated with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

For the browser, you should go for Google Chrome. Its features are necessary and free, which include built-in Google Search and Translate, quick links, desktop syncing, HTML5 support, and unlimited tabs. Xender could be your go-to file sharing app to use on your Android phone. With it, you can forgo having to carry a USB cable and it works faster than Bluetooth. MX Player should on your phone because it supports all audio and video file formats. It comes with volume control gestures, fast forwarding, and subtitle timeframes editing. Google Maps is of course essential too so make sure you include it.

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