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Microsoft Project is a project management software program, developed and sold by Microsoft, which is designed to assist a project manager in developing a plan, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing the budget, and analyzing workloads.

MS Project was the company’s third Microsoft Windows-based application, and within a couple of years of its introduction it became the dominant PC-based project management software. Although branded as a member of the Microsoft Office family, it never has been included in any of the Office suites (like Visio). It is available currently in two editions, Standard and Professional. MS Project’s proprietary file format is .mpp.

Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Server are the cornerstones of the Microsoft Office Enterprise Project Management (EPM) product. Microsoft Project 2010 features the Ribbon user interface.

Microsoft Project is suitable for everyone from a person with very basic project management needs to a very large team with very complex collaboration and management needs. But this software comes with a high price tag and a proprietary license. So here we explore some great free and open source alternatives to MS Project.

1) ProjectLibre Available for Microsoft Windows Available for Mac OS X Available for Linux

ProjectLibre - Open Source Alternative to Microsoft ProjectProjectLibre is an open source project management software. It intends to be a complete desktop replacement for Microsoft Project. It runs on the Java Platform, allowing it to run on Linux, Mac OS or Windows operating systems. ProjectLibre was released in August 2012.

ProjectLibre was developed by the founders of the abandoned project OpenProj. In late 2008 Projity was acquired by Serena Software. As of early 2009 support for OpenProj and communication about development of OpenProj was suspended. In 2012 the founders announced that they forked the project and released a new version called ProjectLibre in August 2012. It includes features: Microsoft Project 2010 compatibility, Ribbon User Interface, Earned Value costing, Gantt chart, PERT graph, Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS) chart, Task usage reports, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) chart and many others.

The latest version of ProjectLibre is 1.6.2.

Download ProjectLibre

2) GanttProject Available for Microsoft Windows Available for Mac OS X Available for Linux

GanttProject - Open Source Alternative to Microsoft ProjectGanttProject is a Java based cross-platform desktop tool for project scheduling and management. It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX and is licensed GNU General Public License.

Comparison to other full fledged project management software, GanttProject is designed in KISS principle. It features most basic project management functions like a Gantt chart for project scheduling of tasks, and doing resource management using resource load charts. It does not have advanced features like cost accounting, message and document control. It has a number of reporting options (MS Project, HTML, PDF, spreadsheets).

Some of its major features include create Work Breakdown, Structure, Task hierarchy and dependencies, Gantt chart, Resource load chart, Generation of PERT chart, PDF and HTML reports, MS Project import/export and more.

The latest version of GanttProject is 2.7.2.

Download GanttProject

3) TeamLab Available for Microsoft Windows Available for Web

TeamLab - Open Source Alternative to Microsoft ProjectTeamLab is an open source multifunctional web office for business collaboration, document, project and clients management. It has been developed by Ascensio System SIA, a fast-growing company that offers IT-solutions for personal and corporate use. TeamLab was founded on the idea of making social networking and project management efficient. It combines a wide range of features that assist a company team to work as one organism at solving common tasks and achieving results.

TeamLab is available in three deployment solutions:

  • SaaS: Create your enterprise portal in the cloud with the free services they provide.
  • Self-hosted: Download source code and host it on your own servers.
  • Amazon EC2:  Run a personal virtual server with pre-installed TeamLab platform

TeamLab allows you to – build teams and assign tasks, schedule project milestones, track project activity and generate reports, create posts in blogs and forums, view employee details, create, edit, save and share documents directly on your portal, import docs base from Google Docs, Zoho,, integrate documents into your project module and more.

Visit TeamLab website

4) Taiga Available for Web

Taiga - Open Source Alternative to Microsoft ProjectTaiga is a free and open source project management platform for startups and agile developers & designers who want a simple, beautiful tool that makes work truly enjoyable. It is a powerful tool with focus on simplicity, intuitiveness, customization and ease of use. The interface is clean and unobtrusive.

It has several features namely Backlog, Kanban, Tasks, Sprints and Issues to deal with various aspects of project management. Besides that it has some bonus goodies like video conferencing, kudos badges, 20/200 interface for sight-impaired and more. The project is currently in beta but already looking quite mature.

Currently they provide three solutions:

  • Public Projects: Free for life, no limits solution for public projects.
  • Private Projects: Currently free during beta. $3-$40/month after that.
  • Open Source: Free and open source code to host it on your own servers.

Visit Taiga website

5) Gantter (Bonus) Available for Web

Gantter - Free Alternative to Microsoft ProjectGantter is a project planning and management application running from a web-browser. With Gantter you can do similar things you do in Microsoft Project in a similar way: plan your project, review your plan using Gantt chart, manage project resources and calendars, review critical tasks, estimate project cost, control your project progress.

Gantter supports different task dependencies (including lags between depending tasks), task constraints and task types. Gantter performs all the scheduling and other calculations to make planning easy.

One of the best features of Gantter is that it can easily be integrated with Google docs. You can also import your MPP files created in Microsoft Project but Gantter will save files in XML format. You can either save your projects locally or on Gantter cloud servers.

Visit Gantter website

6) Teambox (Bonus) Available for Web

Teambox - Open Source Alternative to Microsoft ProjectTeambox is a free collaboration tool that is web-based and, as of November 2010, 40,000 users were utilizing Teambox. Teambox is suitable for small and medium companies engaged in simple projects.

Teambox Technologies S.L. which develops Teambox was founded in 2008 and continues to serve commercial and free hosting for Teambox. However, the software, made with Ruby on Rails, is completely open-source under the Affero General Public License and can therefore be installed on every web server. The company also offers installation and customization of the software.

Teambox is much like a social network of all the people who are working on a project. You can easily assign tasks, leave comments and fix due dates and this functionality is given just like we post anything on Facebook or any other social network. This makes it stand off from other project management tools. If your requirement is heavy collaboration among the team, Teambox is the perfect solution for you. The free edition of Teambox supports up to 3 projects and 50MB of online space.

Visit Teambox Website

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