Nice but Useless Applications You Can Find in Linux

Nice but Useless Applications You Can Find in Linux

Nice but Useless Applications You Can Find in Linux – It is not a secret anymore that Linux is among one of those operating systems that only few people are using. As the result, the number of applications that you can install in Linux is quite limited. This is the result why if there is a good application, people who use Linux will install the application almost immediately. However, you need to know that there are actually some nice applications in Linux, but they are not that useful. Some people even say that those applications are a bit useless. If you are interested, here are some of those applications.

The first one is Seamonkey. You cannot deny that an all-in-one program is something that many people love to have. Unfortunately, Seamonkey is not one of those programs with the best results that you can get. This application is joining all of the things that you can do using the internet such as mailing, chatting, and browsing all in one. Even though the main concept is quite good, it seems like there are not many people who are into this kind of application from Linux. The second one is Claws Mail. This one is the mailing applications that you can find in Linux. For your information, if you are into a lot of features, this application is actually something that you will need for your mailing application. However, if you need the most features from this application, you need to install some extra plug-ins for this applications. That is one thing that becomes the pro and the con of this application.

The third one is Keepass. This is one of the best security applications that you can use in Linux. That is because a lot of people have acknowledged this application as one. However, the look and the design of this application are far from the expectation of many people. That is because the display is becoming one thing that made people leave this application. The last but not least, it is the BORG Calendar. If you are talking about the features and the functions, you can be sure that this application has all of the things that you want. It offers you a lot of nice features and functions that you might need from a calendar. However, those features also become the backfire of this application. Why do you even need those functions from a calendar? That is one question that many people are still questioning from this application.

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