3 Best Linux Apps in 2020 You Need to Install Right Away

The first essential app you cannot miss when using Linux OS is LibreOffice. This app has similar functions as Microsoft Office, but it is completely free. The app also comes with bundled apps such as Writers, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math, and Base. the bundle apps are all similar to the MS Office apps so you can easily use the apps if you are used to using MS Office.

Some might think that LibreOffice is no better than MS Office, in fact, it has great features that will help you do different tasks. The interface is rather humble, but it will help you use the command easily. The menu is also very simple and will help you navigate the menu so easily. Although at some points it is quite different from MS Office, the supported file formats are all the same so that you can open the MS Office files in LibreOffice with no problem.

Mozilla Firefox
Most of the Linux distros come with Firefox installed, but some others don’t and you need to install this app right away if you don’t have it on your Linux. This app is a great app to help you browse the internet well. The app is very lightweight compared to other similar apps and you can also use this browser to play games at without any disturbance.

VLC Media Player
Most Linux Distros don’t have VLC Media Player installed, but some of them have a pre-installed app called Celluloid. Compared to that app, VLC is easier to use and there are different kinds of commands you can use to customize your videos or audios. Another best thing is that VLC supports different kinds of file formats so that you won’t have playback issues, like when you have no issues.

Those are the three essential apps that you need to install on your Linux desktop. Those apps will increase your productivity level and make it easier for you to use Linux OS better than the other operating systems.

Free Softwares You Must Installed in Your Linux Ubuntu

Free Softwares You Must Installed in Your Linux Ubuntu

Free Softwares You Must Installed in Your Linux Ubuntu – Talking about technological advances, currently there are many options for using gadgets to support our daily activities. The most important thing in a gadget is the system installed. There are various kinds of systems that exist today such as Android, Microsoft, Linux Ubuntu and others. When viewed from its current users, Android is the king. However, at this time we will not discuss about Android. We will discuss free softwares that you should install on Ubuntu Linux. Indeed, this system counts few in the number of users. However, this system can also be an option when you need a capable system, especially in terms of daily work activities.

Free and very helpful. Unity Tweak Tool is one of the tools used by application consultants to provide Ubuntu users with. This application has the ability to assist Ubuntu users in configuring the system as they want. System configuration can be done via settings options that can set desktop hot corners, themes, color icon sizes, icon customization, workspace numbers and many others. By using this application on your Ubuntu, the ease of system configuration can be seen clearly with easy-to-understand setting options.

Then there is Google Chrome Browser. Of course, the need for a browser in everyday work is very important. Google develops its browser application for all systems and one of them is Ubuntu. Made by Google developers, the Google Chrome Browser application is perfect for installing on your Ubuntu because there is no question about the sophistication of this browser from Google. Actually there are also browser applications that can be an option for Ubuntu such as Mozilla Firefox. However, Google Chrome has more complete features and the latest technology. So, don not think too much about installing Google Chrome Browser on your Ubuntu! It is also Free.

When you are bored, watching movies can be an exciting choice. VLC Media Player is a free application which is highly recommended to install on your Ubuntu. Of the many video player applications available, VLC is the most complete video media player application. VLC has features for choosing multiple themes, responsive and clean User Interface, online video streaming, good audio quality and more. Compared to other media players, VLC has the ability to play almost all available video and audio formats.

For work matters, Apache OpenOffice is highly recommended for Ubuntu users. Yes, this application provides many features that support office work, from spreadsheets, presentations, word processing, databases, graphics and much more. In addition, this application is also available in many languages and can be used on all normal computers. In fact, you can use files from Microsoft Office in this application. Of course all the applications discussed here can be downloaded for free.

Some Software Upgrades on Android Oreo

Some Software Upgrades on Android Oreo

Some Software Upgrades on Android Oreo – Android is upgrading their operating system to the new name. It is predicted to be Oreo. Yes, this new version of operating system of Android is said to be upgraded some of its features and software. If you are interested to know, then you might want to simply learn some of those upgrades on this version of Android. Here are some of those software upgrades.

For the start, Oreo is said to be using the upgraded Bluetooth codec. This one is because of the complaints of many people who are using the Bluetooth connection to listen to the music and watch the movie. Unfortunately, the wireless headset is becoming a trend and that means Bluetooth should be improved. That is why the new version of Android Oreo is said to give you the better sound quality even though you are using the Bluetooth connection. The second one is the battery saving software. Many of you will surely realize that there are some applications that will drain your battery very fast. It does not matter if you are using the battery saving features from the Android. However, in Oreo it seems like this is not going to be a problem anymore. That is because this new software is said to be able to give more restriction to those applications. This way, you can be sure that the battery saving feature will surely save your batter from those battery-draining applications.

The next one is the Pixel Launcher apps. Many people are still using the additional launcher even though they are able to use the basic launcher from the Android device. The main reason might be caused by the limited features of the basic launchers. However, that is not going to happen anymore because of the Pixel Launcher. This basic launcher in Oreo is able to give you more customization that you need. As an addition, it is quite light so that you do not need to worry about storage capacity anymore. The last one is the external installation setting. Until this time, you might have to check the Unknown Source if you want to install an apk file on your own. However, that is not something that you will deal with the Oreo. That is because this feature is totally gone. Fortunately, the safety is not a problem at all. That is because you will need to give the permission from the main source where you get the downloaded apps. For example, if you give permission to Google Chrome, then all of the applications from Chrome are good to install.

The Best Android Apps to Get This Year

WPS Office

You know how it goes: You get a new Android phone, register it, and spend a significant amount of time thinking about which apps to get on the phone. The struggle could be very real that you decide to leave your phone empty of any apps just because you cannot make up your mind. All apps you come by are claimed to be the best in their respective categories and that leaves you wondering if their apps are as good as they claimed them to be. A simple guide is what you need to load not only the best but also the most essential Android apps on your phone.

On the side of productivity improvement, WPS Office + PDF could very well be the most recommended. It is a free Office Suite that comes with all-in-one features. It can be used with files from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and it can even handle PDF, Google docs, memo, spreadsheets, and presentations. You can also convert, reader, and edit PDF files and supports file sharing. Get your latest news on the phone through Google News. It works with AI technologies and delivers news from all over the world, categorized in different tabs.

ES File Explorer is a powerful and all-popular Android file manage app that comes with essential features. You can use its Space Analyzer tool to free up some space and you can even share files with fellow ES File Explorer users through Wi-Fi connection. Google Drive is a recommended cloud storage app that offers free space to keep files and data. Files and folders can be stored in the Drive and can print, rename, download, move, or share files directly from the app. The exciting point of Google Drive is that it comes integrated with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

For the browser, you should go for Google Chrome. Its features are necessary and free, which include built-in Google Search and Translate, quick links, desktop syncing, HTML5 support, and unlimited tabs. Xender could be your go-to file sharing app to use on your Android phone. With it, you can forgo having to carry a USB cable and it works faster than Bluetooth. MX Player should on your phone because it supports all audio and video file formats. It comes with volume control gestures, fast forwarding, and subtitle timeframes editing. Google Maps is of course essential too so make sure you include it.

What’s New Features in Linux Mint 19? Find Out Below!

New Features in Linux Mint 19

For Linux Mint fans on the globe, the wait is over! You are one step closer to enjoy the glorious Linux Mint 19. Linux Mint 19 has finally been launched and the new version comes with some fresh new look and great features. According to Linux, it will be supported till 2023and based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. This following article will show you what’s new in Linux Mint 19. So, let’s take a look below!

As the information, Linux Mint 19 is using GTK 3.22 and the GTK 3.22 delivers a refined look in Linux Mint 19. You will notice that application interface and windows have sleek look and a more flat. It makes the user interface of Linus Mint 19 is more pleasant on your eyes. Linux Mint 19 is known as the first Mint version that will get the new Cinnamon 3.8.

Additionally, Timeshift is new features you can find in Linux Mint 19. Linux Mint’s Timeshift is an outstanding backup tool for Linux. It has been improved with features becoming an integral part of Linux Mint. With Timeshift, you are allowed to take snapshots of your system automatically and easily to revert your system to a previous state if any a problem happens.

As you know that in Linux Mint 18 does not have Cinnamon 3.8 and the Cinnamon 3.8 has been launched for other Linux distributions. In Linux Mint 19, you will get revamped Mint welcome screen with links to the user guides.

It also gives hint at things that users may need to do like popular apps, install codecs, backups, and more. Moreover, a warm welcoming news for Cinnamon users that Cinnamon in Linux Mint 19 allows opening apps faster. According to the investigation of the Linux Mint Team, Cinnamon 3.8 has been improved to open an application faster.

Entertainment Apps to Install on Linux

Entertainment Apps to Install on Linux

So, what does it feel like to have a device running Linux on your desk? Are you feeling excited about its freedom and open source philosophy? Or instead you are baffled by exactly those freedom and open source concept so much so that you feel like there is no use to having Linux installed in the first place? There are so many apps to choose from thanks to Linux’s openness. Developers are in a race of creating what each claims to be the best in the field. You might even think that it is rather pointless to choose one and decide to install everything at once. On the other hand, the vastness of choice and option might cause you to struggle a lot that you are thinking about uninstalling it altogether.

Things are even more confusing when it comes to apps and software for entertainment. From playing your favorite movie to listening to your beloved music collection to editing pictures to post on social media, apps like this play a very crucial role and this may contribute to just how comfortable you are in using Linux. You need a dependable and reliable guide and here you can definitely find some.

Most devices that come with Linux have integrated video player onboard such as MPlayer. This app, however, lacks control and customization, something which VLC can easily solve for you. The media player is flexible enough to support any kind of video and audio formats. Its basic features and functions are pretty simple to work with but there are still some more to uncover for advanced users.

digiKam and Shotwell can very well be alternatives to consider when it comes to photo management tools. digiKam boasts an environment that feels more on the professional side of things. It is loaded with tons of features for organization, offers support for more than 300 RAW formats, and can facilitate you to compare pictures one right next to the other. while digiKam is a bit complicated to use, Shotwell is designed for everyone looking for simplicity.

Editing, tagging, and sorting tools are of course included along with ways to share to Picasa, Flickr, and Facebook. GIMP is presented as an alternative for you to use when doing work digiKam or Shotwell cannot handle. GIMP may not be the photo manipulation tool Photoshop is but it sure is capable of handling tons of tasks just fine.

What Things Recommended to You After Installing Ubuntu 18.04

Installing Ubuntu 18.04

It is glad to hear that Ubuntu 18.04 has been launched and it is the right time to give a try. And, if you decided to install 18.04, you may have seen the new features in Ubuntu 18.04. But, there are few additional steps you may need to do if you want to have a greater experience with Ubuntu better. Just to be clear, what to do after installing Ubuntu 18.04 depends on your needs. And, this list contains general things that may be useful for most users.

The important thing you need to do after installing Ubuntu 18.04 is to update the system without fail. It may sound strange because you just installed a fresh OS but it is recommended for you to check the updates. You can press Windows Key to launch the Activity Overview and search Software Updater then run it to check the update. An alternative way to update Ubuntu, you can use a command Ctrl+Alt+T.

Once you have installed Ubuntu 18.04, there a customized GNOME desktop that includes features from both Unity and GNOME. It provides a quick access about where is what in the welcome screen. It is important for you to know the GNOME desktop in detail. So, you know how to use the GNOME and do useful tweaks to the system. Here, you can do visual changes like the wallpaper, the lock screen, and the position of the dock, etc from the System Settings.

Next, for more software, you need to activate additional repositories. As for the information, Ubuntu has a number of repositories from where it provides for your system. The repositories include Main, Universe, Restricted, Multiverse, as well as Canonical Partners. If you enable all these repositories, you will have an access to more proprietary drivers and software.

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