Some Software Upgrades on Android Oreo

Some Software Upgrades on Android Oreo

Some Software Upgrades on Android Oreo – Android is upgrading their operating system to the new name. It is predicted to be Oreo. Yes, this new version of operating system of Android is said to be upgraded some of its features and software. If you are interested to know, then you might want to simply learn some of those upgrades on this version of Android. Here are some of those software upgrades.

For the start, Oreo is said to be using the upgraded Bluetooth codec. This one is because of the complaints of many people who are using the Bluetooth connection to listen to the music and watch the movie. Unfortunately, the wireless headset is becoming a trend and that means Bluetooth should be improved. That is why the new version of Android Oreo is said to give you the better sound quality even though you are using the Bluetooth connection. The second one is the battery saving software. Many of you will surely realize that there are some applications that will drain your battery very fast. It does not matter if you are using the battery saving features from the Android. However, in Oreo it seems like this is not going to be a problem anymore. That is because this new software is said to be able to give more restriction to those applications. This way, you can be sure that the battery saving feature will surely save your batter from those battery-draining applications.

The next one is the Pixel Launcher apps. Many people are still using the additional launcher even though they are able to use the basic launcher from the Android device. The main reason might be caused by the limited features of the basic launchers. However, that is not going to happen anymore because of the Pixel Launcher. This basic launcher in Oreo is able to give you more customization that you need. As an addition, it is quite light so that you do not need to worry about storage capacity anymore. The last one is the external installation setting. Until this time, you might have to check the Unknown Source if you want to install an apk file on your own. However, that is not something that you will deal with the Oreo. That is because this feature is totally gone. Fortunately, the safety is not a problem at all. That is because you will need to give the permission from the main source where you get the downloaded apps. For example, if you give permission to Google Chrome, then all of the applications from Chrome are good to install.

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