Best Android App for Money Earning

Best Android App for Money Earning

Best Android App for Money Earning – Who could refuse additional one or two bucks per day to their account? This is exactly what most people need nowadays. The amount does not really matter as long as they have more bits of income. For this reason, the application that could help to earn money is getting popular. These apps are not difficult to learn but they give effective impact.
– Amazon Seller
To get big money, then people should go after the big company as well. In global scale, Amazon is one of the biggest companies that helps people to sell and buy products. Those who join this company won’t have to worry about the marketing strategy. Amazon does a great job in promoting their sites. What the seller needs to do is uploading the products in their account.
The price for downloading and starting the business is free. The apps could be downloaded in Google Play and creating account only takes minutes. There is no monthly payment, just a commission fee of 0.99 for each product sold to the costumers.

– eBay
If Amazon gives too much pressure, then another option is eBay. Similar to Amazon, this site helps people to sell things. There is literally no limit to the items that could be sold through the sites; clothes, books, electronics and many more. To start selling, the person should make an account first, for free! This trick is also applied by for the new members.
Depending on the dimension and weight of the items, eBay might also help to calculate the shipping cost. In addition to the dimension, the recipient’s address also adds to the price. The further the distance, the higher the bill. For this reason, eBay suggests the seller to offer big items to local buyers instead of the international ones.

– Etsy
This is another platform for selling. Instead of offering items, the seller posts their design or various arts and crafts. It is surprising to see how much people are willing to pay for art piece, especially the limited-edition version.

During this hard period, many people try to make money by doing anything they could. There is one thing that could bring easy money to people: selling items. This is why the selling apps like Amazon, eBay and Etsy sit on the upper seat. Are you ready to sell?.

Four Additional Must-Have Apps for Your Ubuntu Desktop
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Four Additional Must-Have Apps for Your Ubuntu Desktop

There are many questions about other essential Ubuntu apps that may need to install. Now, this is the time to figure out four must-have apps for Ubuntu desktop. Here we will not talk or suggest apps that ship by default on Ubuntu like Firefox, LibreOffice, Transmission, Thunderbird, etc. Not of all the apps below will be of use for everyone, but you should find software that suits you in the list below. The first additional Ubuntu app you may need to install on your desktop is the GIMP. The GIMP stands for the GNU Image Manipulation Program and is free and known as open-source Photoshop alternative. But, you need to know that it lacks some of fancier flourishes of Adobe but in some areas, it will beat at its best. The GIMP is perfect for doing serious pro-touch up work of your photography, creating a majestic meme, or autotuning a selfie avatar. If you love watching movies or music videos offline, you better download and install VLC. Like The GIMP, VLC is one of the most popular open source software on earth! It is a versatile desktop media player which can handle most of media format you throw at it. Four Additional Must-Have Apps for Your Ubuntu DesktopIf you want to have a huge storage to store your file or to share files with your colleagues. We suggest you run Dropbox Cloud Storage. Dropbox has an official Linux client that connect with the Ubuntu desktop. You can quickly sync files to and from their service, backup your files instantly, and share your files easily, and more. If you prefer to use Google Drive, you can install Google Drive on Ubuntu which is widely available for all Ubuntu version. Last, Steam Linux Gaming is a must-have app for Ubuntu Desktop if you plan to play the game at your desktop. Steam Linux Gaming has over 3,000 games including big titles like Total War: WARHAMMER, Tomb Raider, etc.

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