Best Music Apps You Have to Install in Your Android Device

Best Music Apps You Have to Install in Your Android Device – You cannot deny that music is becoming one important part of humans life nowadays. People are listening to the music anywhere in this world. That is why they are installing the music apps in their android device. For your information, on the beginning of this 2019, there are some nice apps for listening to the music that you might want to simply install in your Android device. Here are some of those apps that you might want to install.

The first one is Google Play Music All Access. This apps is actually something that you will mostly get on the Android device that you buy on the recent release. That is because this application is something that has been included on the basic apps on the Androevices nowadays. For your information, this apps has more than 30 millions of songs that you can play online. This way, you will never run out of playlist to play. The next one is Spotify. This apps is a bit similar with the Google Play Music. That is because you can stream a lot of music on this apps. However, this application requires you to register first. Of course, you can still use the application without registering your ID, but there will be a lot of limitations before you register yourself on this application. It becomes a fun thing to listen music with this application and playing online betting on.

Best Music Apps You Have to Install in Your Android Device

The third one is Apple Music. Even though the name is Apple, this music application is meant for the Android users. As an addition to that, this application is bringing the nice vibes to all of the music listeners in Android. That is because this application has the live DJ and also the integrated radio stations. That is not something bad though. The last one is TIDAL. This application is quite new, but it has attracted a lot of attention. That is because this application is made by one famous musician, Jay-Z. As an addition to that, this music application is meant for those who are looking for the high-fidelity music. To make it even better, you can always find the high quality clips on this application because that is the thing that you can find on this application.

Those are some of the best music applications that you can simply install in your Android device. If you are still using the old and a bit traditional music player, you might want to simply consider using one of those applications above. Those applications will take you to another level of music experience.

Some Software Upgrades on Android Oreo

Some Software Upgrades on Android Oreo

Some Software Upgrades on Android Oreo – Android is upgrading their operating system to the new name. It is predicted to be Oreo. Yes, this new version of operating system of Android is said to be upgraded some of its features and software. If you are interested to know, then you might want to simply learn some of those upgrades on this version of Android. Here are some of those software upgrades.

For the start, Oreo is said to be using the upgraded Bluetooth codec. This one is because of the complaints of many people who are using the Bluetooth connection to listen to the music and watch the movie. Unfortunately, the wireless headset is becoming a trend and that means Bluetooth should be improved. That is why the new version of Android Oreo is said to give you the better sound quality even though you are using the Bluetooth connection. The second one is the battery saving software. Many of you will surely realize that there are some applications that will drain your battery very fast. It does not matter if you are using the battery saving features from the Android. However, in Oreo it seems like this is not going to be a problem anymore. That is because this new software is said to be able to give more restriction to those applications. This way, you can be sure that the battery saving feature will surely save your batter from those battery-draining applications.

The next one is the Pixel Launcher apps. Many people are still using the additional launcher even though they are able to use the basic launcher from the Android device. The main reason might be caused by the limited features of the basic launchers. However, that is not going to happen anymore because of the Pixel Launcher. This basic launcher in Oreo is able to give you more customization that you need. As an addition, it is quite light so that you do not need to worry about storage capacity anymore. The last one is the external installation setting. Until this time, you might have to check the Unknown Source if you want to install an apk file on your own. However, that is not something that you will deal with the Oreo. That is because this feature is totally gone. Fortunately, the safety is not a problem at all. That is because you will need to give the permission from the main source where you get the downloaded apps. For example, if you give permission to Google Chrome, then all of the applications from Chrome are good to install.

Recommended Software for Linux Ubuntu

Software for Linux Ubuntu

Recommended Software for Linux Ubuntu – Choosing software to be installed on our computer or laptop can be a daunting task to do. Having software to get installed on the laptop or PC can help us to perform many tasks better and faster. There is much great software available out there. Here are some recommendations for software for Linux Ubuntu that you can try.

– Unity Tweak Tool
The first software for your Linux Ubuntu is more on productivity. It is Unity Tweak Tool or people referred it as Gnome Tweak Tool. This software is recommended for online gambling player who have installed this system for playing sbobet, like Ubuntu. This tool provides the ability to configure the system as users wish through the arrangement option which included desktop, icon size, theme, icon customization, color and more.

There are four main categories that can be set according to your desire. They are unity, windows manager, appearance and system. There are some subcategories in the unity that you can find, such as launcher, search, panel, switcher and web application. You can add some additional applications if you want. You can make the customization on theme, icons, cursors, and fonts in the appearance.

This free software used for photo editing. Some users of the Linux operating system complain about reliable software used for illustrator and photoshop in their PC or laptop. You can download GIMP to overcome this problem in your devices. GIMP is an ideal solution for dealing with illustrator and photoshop to be used in your Linux OS.

The features and tools in GIMP make the user be able to perform the same software that usually used to do the illustrator and photoshop easily and effectively. You can get various themes and tools which will remind you of the Photoshop software because many shortcuts buttons perform like the Photoshop software.

– Shotcut
You can rely on Shotcut if you are looking for a free video editor for Linux Ubuntu. This is a great option for a free video editor with open source and slim interface. You can work in many videos in various formats using Shotcut. You can trust this video editor to edit any videos for working or content purposes. It is free and easy to use.

Here are some recommendations for software for Linux Ubuntu that you can try. There are Unity Tweak Tool or Gnome Tweak Tool, GIMP and Shortcut. All of this software is free and easy to use. Unity Tweak Tool provides the ability to configure your system. GIMP is an ideal solution for dealing with illustrator and photoshop and Shotcut is a free video editor.

Nice but Useless Applications You Can Find in Linux

Nice but Useless Applications You Can Find in Linux

Nice but Useless Applications You Can Find in Linux – It is not a secret anymore that Linux is among one of those operating systems that only few people are using. As the result, the number of applications that you can install in Linux is quite limited. This is the result why if there is a good application, people who use Linux will install the application almost immediately. However, you need to know that there are actually some nice applications in Linux, but they are not that useful. Some people even say that those applications are a bit useless. If you are interested, here are some of those applications.

The first one is Seamonkey. You cannot deny that an all-in-one program is something that many people love to have. Unfortunately, Seamonkey is not one of those programs with the best results that you can get. This application is joining all of the things that you can do using the internet such as mailing, chatting, and browsing all in one. Even though the main concept is quite good, it seems like there are not many people who are into this kind of application from Linux. The second one is Claws Mail. This one is the mailing applications that you can find in Linux. For your information, if you are into a lot of features, this application is actually something that you will need for your mailing application. However, if you need the most features from this application, you need to install some extra plug-ins for this applications. That is one thing that becomes the pro and the con of this application.

The third one is Keepass. This is one of the best security applications that you can use in Linux. That is because a lot of people have acknowledged this application as one. However, the look and the design of this application are far from the expectation of many people. That is because the display is becoming one thing that made people leave this application. The last but not least, it is the BORG Calendar. If you are talking about the features and the functions, you can be sure that this application has all of the things that you want. It offers you a lot of nice features and functions that you might need from a calendar. However, those features also become the backfire of this application. Why do you even need those functions from a calendar? That is one question that many people are still questioning from this application.

What are Mobile Software Application and Its Benefit?

What are Mobile Software Application and Its Benefit

The mobile software application is a common thing when people want to get better features on their smartphones. Nowadays, people are attached to their smartphones for various reasons. Some need it for communicating, while another for having great experience in entertainment. Whatever the reasons are, the mobile application is a must for most people. Actually what is meant by a mobile software application and what are the benefits?

– The Definition of Mobile Software Application

A mobile software application, or simply called as a mobile app, can be defined as the software or computer program which is specially designed to be used in mobile devices. The apps help users to do many things, from playing online gambling games to finishing some work while on the go. It functions as it is designed, which is to get things done.

In the beginning, mobile applications aim for helping productivity such as email and calendar. However as time goes by, people want various kinds of applications in many fields, such as factory productivity, tracking, GPS, online shopping and more. Right now, there are many applications can be downloaded for free in play stores or the application platform.

The mobile application is specifically used to run on mobile phones or mobile devices. In general, mobile applications can be classified into three main types. They are hybrid applications, native applications, and web-based applications.

– The Benefits of Mobile Software Application

People demand various mobile applications because of the benefits given to the user. The first benefit is effective. People can choose any mobile app according to their needs and desire. A mobile app will perform a specific task which aims to help the user with their work. Installing a mobile app can be an effective way to make your task done in a short time.

Some mobile applications can be downloaded for free. It means you can have it without paying money for it. You can have your smart tools for all your needs. You can track the route easily. You can play with the newest game online for free or even shopping online at your convenient.

A mobile software application or simply said as a mobile app can be defined as the software or computer program which is specially designed to be placed in mobile devices. The benefits of mobile applications are given an effective way to perform various tasks and you can get it for free.

Best Movie Watching Applications in Android

Best Movie Watching Applications in Android

It is true that watching the movie at the theater is still one of the mostly preferred movie-watching style that many people choose. However, as the time goes, there are more and more people who prefer to watch the movie on their Android device. One of the most common reasons is because they can watch it on the more comfortable space that they want. As an addition to that, many of the applications nowadays are able to give them the nice movies to watch. If you have never installed the movie watching applications in your Android device, you might want to simply consider some of these applications. Here are some of those applications.

The first one is Show Box. This application is not quite known in one of those movie-watching applications. Even though, this application has a lot of nice things to offer, especially the smooth user interface. That is one thing that many people love from this application. As an addition to that, this application is also free to use. You do not even have to register on this application, but you are still able to watch the movie on this application. The second one is Sony Crackle. This one can be considered as one of those applications that are developed by Sony. As the result, you can simply accept a lot of library options for the movie from this application. That is one thing that you will love from this application. Besides that, you can watch all of those movie selections for free on this application and the quality includes the HD resolution.

The third one is Bobby Movie Box. This application offers you the options to watch the TV shows or the movies. For your information, one thing that attracts a lot of attention from this application is the fact that they have the latest collections in all of their list. This is why a lot of people are using this movie watching application when they are looking for the new movies or TV series. The last one is Tubi TV. This application is quite unique because this application offers you many different channels that you might have never seen before. Even though, they also have the regular and popular channels that you usually watch. As an addition to that, the loading process of this application is fast enough. This way, you will not need to wait for the loading screen for too long.

Top Android Applications You Need to Have in 2019

Nova Launcher

Android has been one of the biggest platforms that you can find during the past decades. That is because since its first appearance in 2009, there have been a lot of people who are using this a device with this operating system. That is why you cannot deny that a lot of people are using Android device on their regular basis. As the result, there are a lot of people who are making, creating, and developing some applications that they can easily install on the Android platforms. For your information, here are some of the top Android applications that you might need to have in 2019.

The first one is Nova Launcher. This launcher has been sitting on the list of top Android launchers since few years ago. That is because there are a lot of nice features and functions that you can get from this launcher. As an addition to that, this launcher is light enough despite of the great number of features and functions of this launcher. The second one is Google Assistant. You surely have realized that Google is still the internet giants. That is why you and can get almost everything that you need with the help of Google. That is also one simple reason why you need to install Google Assistance if you need any kind of help that you need. This application will surely be able to help you with many things.

The third one is WPS Office. For those who are using their Android device for work, this application is the one that you need. That is because this application is the replacement for the most common Microsoft Office, but this is for the Android device. With the similar features and functions, this free application is surely something worth to install. The last one is WhatsApp. This application has been known as one of the best messaging application in the world. Even though there are some other messaging applications that you can use, WhatsApp is still becoming one of the best. That is because millions of people are using this application in this world. Besides that, this application also offers you the video call service, though the quality is not the best.

If you are interested to know more about the best Android applications that you might want to install in your smartphone, you can check Google Play Store. From there, you will only need to choose the best of each category. You will surely be able to find the one that you need.

4 Top Third-party File Manager Apps on Androids You Should Install

ES File Explorer

There is no apps on our device that is more important than Android’s file manager apps. Android’s file manager app allows the users to browse files, manage storage, delete non-essential files, and more. However, Android’s built-in file manager app is not robust and still lacks some features if we compare to a third-party app. And, if you are looking for the best third-party file manager app, we have the list for you.

ES File Explorer File Manager is our top third-party file manager which contains a number of additional features every user may love. The essential features consist of copy/paste, delete, cut, and folders/files. There is also a Space Analyzer that helps clean up memories to restore space. You can share files with other ES File Explorer users, uninstall and backup any app. In the second list, we have X-plore File Manager. Its unique interface is the love for the user of this file manager app. X-plore File Manager comes with a dual-pane file explorer where the user can operate two windows at the same time. The feature of copy/paste file has a fast access. You can enjoy some additional features like network storage, app manager, cloud storage, judi bola, pdf viewer, auto-ZIP file, etc.

Additionally, File Manager+ offers you a pleasant user interface. File Manager+ provides all features that the best file manager should carry including local and cloud storage. There are a recycle bin and a built-in storage analyzer identifying which folder is taking most storage. Last, ASUS File Manager is a default file manager for the Zen UI Asus smartphones. But, you can download it from the Play Store for all Android phones. The user interface is straightforward. There are features that make it one of the best Android file managers including Cloud storage, compressing and extracting files, Hidden Cabinet, and Storage Analyzer.

The Best Android Apps to Get This Year

WPS Office

You know how it goes: You get a new Android phone, register it, and spend a significant amount of time thinking about which apps to get on the phone. The struggle could be very real that you decide to leave your phone empty of any apps just because you cannot make up your mind. All apps you come by are claimed to be the best in their respective categories and that leaves you wondering if their apps are as good as they claimed them to be. A simple guide is what you need to load not only the best but also the most essential Android apps on your phone.

On the side of productivity improvement, WPS Office + PDF could very well be the most recommended. It is a free Office Suite that comes with all-in-one features. It can be used with files from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and it can even handle PDF, Google docs, memo, spreadsheets, and presentations. You can also convert, reader, and edit PDF files and supports file sharing. Get your latest news on the phone through Google News. It works with AI technologies and delivers news from all over the world, categorized in different tabs.

ES File Explorer is a powerful and all-popular Android file manage app that comes with essential features. You can use its Space Analyzer tool to free up some space and you can even share files with fellow ES File Explorer users through Wi-Fi connection. Google Drive is a recommended cloud storage app that offers free space to keep files and data. Files and folders can be stored in the Drive and can print, rename, download, move, or share files directly from the app. The exciting point of Google Drive is that it comes integrated with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

For the browser, you should go for Google Chrome. Its features are necessary and free, which include built-in Google Search and Translate, quick links, desktop syncing, HTML5 support, and unlimited tabs. Xender could be your go-to file sharing app to use on your Android phone. With it, you can forgo having to carry a USB cable and it works faster than Bluetooth. MX Player should on your phone because it supports all audio and video file formats. It comes with volume control gestures, fast forwarding, and subtitle timeframes editing. Google Maps is of course essential too so make sure you include it.

What’s New Features in Linux Mint 19? Find Out Below!

New Features in Linux Mint 19

For Linux Mint fans on the globe, the wait is over! You are one step closer to enjoy the glorious Linux Mint 19. Linux Mint 19 has finally been launched and the new version comes with some fresh new look and great features. According to Linux, it will be supported till 2023and based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. This following article will show you what’s new in Linux Mint 19. So, let’s take a look below!

As the information, Linux Mint 19 is using GTK 3.22 and the GTK 3.22 delivers a refined look in Linux Mint 19. You will notice that application interface and windows have sleek look and a more flat. It makes the user interface of Linus Mint 19 is more pleasant on your eyes. Linux Mint 19 is known as the first Mint version that will get the new Cinnamon 3.8.

Additionally, Timeshift is new features you can find in Linux Mint 19. Linux Mint’s Timeshift is an outstanding backup tool for Linux. It has been improved with features becoming an integral part of Linux Mint. With Timeshift, you are allowed to take snapshots of your system automatically and easily to revert your system to a previous state if any a problem happens.

As you know that in Linux Mint 18 does not have Cinnamon 3.8 and the Cinnamon 3.8 has been launched for other Linux distributions. In Linux Mint 19, you will get revamped Mint welcome screen with links to the user guides.

It also gives hint at things that users may need to do like popular apps, install codecs, backups, and more. Moreover, a warm welcoming news for Cinnamon users that Cinnamon in Linux Mint 19 allows opening apps faster. According to the investigation of the Linux Mint Team, Cinnamon 3.8 has been improved to open an application faster.

Entertainment Apps to Install on Linux

Entertainment Apps to Install on Linux

So, what does it feel like to have a device running Linux on your desk? Are you feeling excited about its freedom and open source philosophy? Or instead you are baffled by exactly those freedom and open source concept so much so that you feel like there is no use to having Linux installed in the first place? There are so many apps to choose from thanks to Linux’s openness. Developers are in a race of creating what each claims to be the best in the field. You might even think that it is rather pointless to choose one and decide to install everything at once. On the other hand, the vastness of choice and option might cause you to struggle a lot that you are thinking about uninstalling it altogether.

Things are even more confusing when it comes to apps and software for entertainment. From playing your favorite movie to listening to your beloved music collection to editing pictures to post on social media, apps like this play a very crucial role and this may contribute to just how comfortable you are in using Linux. You need a dependable and reliable guide and here you can definitely find some.

Most devices that come with Linux have integrated video player onboard such as MPlayer. This app, however, lacks control and customization, something which VLC can easily solve for you. The media player is flexible enough to support any kind of video and audio formats. Its basic features and functions are pretty simple to work with but there are still some more to uncover for advanced users.

digiKam and Shotwell can very well be alternatives to consider when it comes to photo management tools. digiKam boasts an environment that feels more on the professional side of things. It is loaded with tons of features for organization, offers support for more than 300 RAW formats, and can facilitate you to compare pictures one right next to the other. while digiKam is a bit complicated to use, Shotwell is designed for everyone looking for simplicity.

Editing, tagging, and sorting tools are of course included along with ways to share to Picasa, Flickr, and Facebook. GIMP is presented as an alternative for you to use when doing work digiKam or Shotwell cannot handle. GIMP may not be the photo manipulation tool Photoshop is but it sure is capable of handling tons of tasks just fine.

What Things Recommended to You After Installing Ubuntu 18.04

Installing Ubuntu 18.04

It is glad to hear that Ubuntu 18.04 has been launched and it is the right time to give a try. And, if you decided to install 18.04, you may have seen the new features in Ubuntu 18.04. But, there are few additional steps you may need to do if you want to have a greater experience with Ubuntu better. Just to be clear, what to do after installing Ubuntu 18.04 depends on your needs. And, this list contains general things that may be useful for most users.

The important thing you need to do after installing Ubuntu 18.04 is to update the system without fail. It may sound strange because you just installed a fresh OS but it is recommended for you to check the updates. You can press Windows Key to launch the Activity Overview and search Software Updater then run it to check the update. An alternative way to update Ubuntu, you can use a command Ctrl+Alt+T.

Once you have installed Ubuntu 18.04, there a customized GNOME desktop that includes features from both Unity and GNOME. It provides a quick access about where is what in the welcome screen. It is important for you to know the GNOME desktop in detail. So, you know how to use the GNOME and do useful tweaks to the system. Here, you can do visual changes like the wallpaper, the lock screen, and the position of the dock, etc from the System Settings.

Next, for more software, you need to activate additional repositories. As for the information, Ubuntu has a number of repositories from where it provides for your system. The repositories include Main, Universe, Restricted, Multiverse, as well as Canonical Partners. If you enable all these repositories, you will have an access to more proprietary drivers and software.

Find Out Reason Why Linux Is Better Than Windows 10 for Your Old Hardware

We should praise that Windows is a great improvement on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 and as an operating system, it is really good. But, if you have a old hardware, we do not suggest you run it, you better install Linux instead of Windows 10. So, what are the reasons? Find out below!

It is a classic issue when you have an older hardware, it means that you do not have a chance to run Windows 8 and Windows 10. But, there are two options; buying a new device to run new Windows or running Linux. As you know that Linux is friendly to work brilliantly on older hardware. You can try new hardware Linux Mint with the Cinnamon Desktop Environment. One of the reasons why your old hardware is not capable to run Windows 10 is Windows 10 has a huge size to download and a great footprint. It makes your computer works slow. But you do not need to worry because Linux offers you a light size which is less than 2 gigabytes.

Find Out Reason Why Linux Is Better Than Windows 10 for Your Old HardwareMoreover, you can enjoy many more free applications if your computer runs Linux. Offers you a great set of application which you could need like the LibreOffice, the Rhythmbox, VLC, the Chrome, GIMP, as well as Evolution. Talking about the performance? Linux offers you a faster running that Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 on your old hardware because of its lighter footprint. And, how is about the security? Microsoft only can do a little about this issue by installing antivirus and firewall software which consume your storage a lot. Meanwhile, Linux is more secure than Windows and only requires you to avoid using Adobe’s Flash and clever to the repositories.

Some of the Best App Android for the Year 2018

Some of the Best App Android for the Year 2018

As the other half of the two most powerful mobile operating systems currently on the market, Android sure is the one invention that people rejoice over. It is much praised for its user-friendliness and the freedom it offers its users to customize everything is treasured. You can discover tons of apps developed for the operating systems, typical of such an environment. It revolutionizes the way people communicate and interact with their gadgets. And life could never be any easier with the presence of Android. But there is a downside to this as well. With so many apps available for download, you may hit that proverbial rock and choose to stop selecting what apps to download. As such, you need a guide so your Android device can keep up with the change. Just for your information, by March 2018, the number of apps available on Google Play Store has reached the 3.3 million mark. You can imagine all the hassles there is to be when it comes to choosing just one that does the job very well. A lot of those apps share similar functionalities, making it rather pointless to give all of them a try. So, paring your selection down to just one would be helpful. Launcher app, for example, is offered in tons of options. But the best could be the Nova Launcher. One of the oldest launchers on Play Store, Nova doesn’t take up too much space on the phone and comes with an array of customizations.

Google AssistantGoogle Assistant is an assistant app that you should consider taking. This app can also run on iOS and Android (Marshmallow, Nougat, and Oreo) can make use of its features the most effective. Swiftkey is a keyboard app used by more than 250 million users across the globe. It comes with artificial intelligence that allows it to learn a user’s habits and predict what they are going to type—quite accurately.

Google KeepGoogle Duo is a video calling app by Google, presented with an interface that is simple. Login and number verification is pretty easy and simple and making video calls is as fast as standard phone calls. iOS user can also benefit from this app. A few note taking app can rival Evernote. It is a cross-platform app, meaning it can be used across different operating systems and sync back and forth. If you are a loyal Google user, Google Keep can be an alternative.

Apps to Install on Ubuntu

So, you have just obtained a device and decided to go with Ubuntu. You install the device with the operating system and it is now ready to use. There is one problem, though: What apps should you put down there for everything to work the best way it can? Tips and tricks on handling Ubuntu and its apps are offered in abundance on the internet. There are so many of them that you may feel overwhelmed and choose to ditch it altogether. You need a guide on this particular matter so read on for a short yet concise review of apps you should opt for.

Compared to Windows, for example, Ubuntu is much more flexible. As an open source operating system, it is filled with limitless possibilities that you can make use of. Being of open source variety, Ubuntu can be fitted with a vast array of software choices so your options are literally available in a variety of selections. Tweak tools should be on top of your priority following a fresh installation. Ubuntu is indeed capable of being installed with a variety of software but by default it lacks the opportunities users can use to customize it. Your customization would be limited to installing different window themes, using different fonts, and changing wallpaper. Other than that, Ubuntu is practically un-customizable.

A tweak tool can help you reach the deepest point hidden beneath the hood and access settings that are more advanced. Unity Tweak Tool is helpful for Unity desktops users out there as is the case with Gnome desktops users, who can use Gnome Tweak Tool. Synaptic Package Manager is the next thing to get. Synaptic performs better than Ubuntu Software Center as it is not as laggy as the built-in feature. Returning search results is done much faster while dependencies on broken package can be eliminated altogether.

Apps to Install on UbuntuGoogle Chrome is a must. You may not choose to set Chrome as your default browser but having one in your app drawer could be much of a help. Watching on Ubuntu is possible only after you have installed Chrome beforehand. Geary is a powerful email client to have on Ubuntu. Geary is more pleasing to look at, easier to use, faster, and cleaner. But it does indeed lack customization. The absence of several key customization components may sound like a downside but the tool is nevertheless helpful and works faster than others.

Four Additional Must-Have Apps for Your Ubuntu Desktop

Four Additional Must-Have Apps for Your Ubuntu Desktop

There are many questions about other essential Ubuntu apps that may need to install. Now, this is the time to figure out four must-have apps for Ubuntu desktop. Here we will not talk or suggest apps that ship by default on Ubuntu like Firefox, LibreOffice, Transmission, Thunderbird, etc. Not of all the apps below will be of use for everyone, but you should find software that suits you in the list below.

The first additional Ubuntu app you may need to install on your desktop is the GIMP. The GIMP stands for the GNU Image Manipulation Program and is free and known as open-source Photoshop alternative. But, you need to know that it lacks some of fancier flourishes of Adobe but in some areas, it will beat at its best. The GIMP is perfect for doing serious pro-touch up work of your photography, creating a majestic meme, or autotuning a selfie avatar. If you love watching movies or music videos offline, you better download and install VLC. Like The GIMP, VLC is one of the most popular open source software on earth! It is a versatile desktop media player which can handle most of media format you throw at it.

Four Additional Must-Have Apps for Your Ubuntu DesktopIf you want to have a huge storage to store your file or to share files with your colleagues. We suggest you run Dropbox Cloud Storage. Dropbox has an official Linux client that connect with the Ubuntu desktop. You can quickly sync files to and from their service, backup your files instantly, and share your files easily, and more. If you prefer to use Google Drive, you can install Google Drive on Ubuntu which is widely available for all Ubuntu version. Last, Steam Linux Gaming is a must-have app for Ubuntu Desktop if you plan to play the game at your desktop. Steam Linux Gaming has over 3,000 games including big titles like Total War: WARHAMMER, Tomb Raider, etc.

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